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Occupation Dictionary (OD) is a tool that helps students as well as adults to look for information of major jobs in Hong Kong. Information including entry requirements, skills and competencies, duties and work environment, will facilitate your education decisions and career planning.


Dynamic Search Functions

Building on the strength of Vocational Training Council (VTC) in conducting manpower surveys for different industries, OD makes reference from the International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO) to structure the major occupations in Hong Kong. The available jobs are also categorised into 12 industry groups for easy search of interested areas.


Chart Your Own Course

You can navigate the myriad opportunities in the labour market from OD as a head start to your career planning. By looking at the skills and competencies required for specific jobs, you can further explore the education opportunities to acquire for the relevant knowledge and skills. Career assessment tools are also available for you to understand personal aptitudes and career orientation.


OD is a living document that will be continually updated to address the constant labour market change. New jobs accompanied by relevant education and training opportunities will be included to assist your charting of career roadmap.