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Chainsaw Operator

Descriptions & Duties

  • Duties of chainsaw operators include felling, delimbing trees, operating chainsaws, maintaining the saw and cutting attachement, measuring and marking for sawing, chainsaw and skidder repairs, and site assessment.

Generic Competencies

Physical Abilities

Physical abilities

  • Physical strength
  • Eye hand coordination / precision / dexterity


Importance:4 (Max:5) 

Skill is frequently required


Technology Skills

Technology skills

  • Computer literacy
  • Application of technology


Importance:4 (Max:5) 

Skill is frequently required


Cognitive Abilities

Cognitive abilities

  • Creativity
  • Visualisation
  • Logical thinking


Importance:2 (Max:5) 

Skill is occasionally required


Comprehension And Expression

Comprehension and expression skills

  • Reading comprehension
  • Oral / written expression


Importance:3 (Max:5) 

Skill is basically required


Social Skills

Social skills

  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Persuasion


Importance:2 (Max:5) 

Skill is occasionally required


Organisation And Execution Skills

Organisation and execution skills

  • Planning
  • Organising
  • Judgement
  • Decision making


Importance:3 (Max:5) 

Skill is basically required


Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving skills

  • Ability to solve simple and complex problems effectively and efficiently


Importance:3 (Max:5) 

Skill is basically required


Management Skills

Management skills

  • Leadership
  • Management of finance / time / people / other resources


Importance:1 (Max:5) 

Skill is rarely required


Trade Specific Competencies

Chainsaw operating and maintainance skill

Chainsaw Operators must be able to operate the chainsaw to cut trees with tree measuring and marking. Equipped with relevant maintenance knowledge and skills, they must also be able to maintain and repair the saw and cutting attachement in a good condition.

Site risk assessment technique

Chainsaw operators are required to carry out the site assessment for the preparation of required tree cutting process.

General Requirements

Academic qualification

  • Lower secondary qualifications or above

Professional qualification

  • "Vocational Assessment in Safety Use and Maintenance of Chainsaw Operation and Basic Tree Pruning for the Arboriculture Industry" organised by the Vocational Training Council (VTC) or, possess equivalent qualification from a recognised local or overseas training institute or professional body.


  • Minimum of 3 years experience in operating chainsaws in a safe manner

Related Education & Training

Work Environment

  • Chainsaw Operators usually work outdoors or at parks performing physically demanding tasks. Sometimes they work irregular hours in potentially dangerous environments to ensure the proper care and removal of trees.


  • Chainsaw
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • First Aid Kit (with blood stopper)