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Descriptions & Duties

  • Physiotherapists assess, plan, and participate in rehabilitative programmes in order to help patients or injured persons improve or restore movement ability, as well as help them relieve pain. They are responsible for diagnosing patients' dysfunctional movements by conducting physical examination and studying the results of laboratory and imaging findings of X-rays, CT-scan, or MRI, discussing the proposed treatment with patients, identifying possible risks, expected benefits, and any reasonable alternatives. They evaluate patients' progress and modify the treatment plan when necessary.

Generic Competencies

Physical Abilities

Physical abilities

  • Physical strength
  • Eye hand coordination / precision / dexterity


Importance:3 (Max:5) 

Skill is basically required


Technology Skills

Technology skills

  • Computer literacy
  • Application of technology


Importance:4 (Max:5) 

Skill is frequently required


Cognitive Abilities

Cognitive abilities

  • Creativity
  • Visualisation
  • Logical thinking


Importance:3 (Max:5) 

Skill is basically required


Comprehension And Expression

Comprehension and expression skills

  • Reading comprehension
  • Oral / written expression


Importance:4 (Max:5) 

Skill is frequently required


Social Skills

Social skills

  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Persuasion


Importance:4 (Max:5) 

Skill is frequently required


Organisation And Execution Skills

Organisation and execution skills

  • Planning
  • Organising
  • Judgement
  • Decision making


Importance:4 (Max:5) 

Skill is frequently required


Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving skills

  • Ability to solve simple and complex problems effectively and efficiently


Importance:5 (Max:5) 

Skill is required all the time


Management Skills

Management skills

  • Leadership
  • Management of finance / time / people / other resources


Importance:3 (Max:5) 

Skill is basically required


Trade Specific Competencies

Therapy & counselling knowledge and skills

Physiotherapists must have knowledge of principles, methods, and procedures for diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of physical dysfunctions, and for counselling and guidance.

General Requirements

Academic qualification

  • A bachelor of science degree in physiotherapy.

Professional qualification

  • Must be registered Physiotherapists under the Supplementary Medical Professions Ordinance and hold a valid practicing certificate issued by the Supplementary Medical Professions Council of Hong Kong

Career Path & Salary

Private Sector

Monthly Salary $30,000-$60,000

Monthly Salary $40,000-$80,000

Monthly Salary $50,000-$110,000

Government Sector

Monthly Salary Master Pay Scale Point 14-24

Monthly Salary Master Pay Scale Point 25-33A

Monthly Salary Master Pay Scale Point 34-39

Monthly Salary Master Pay Scale Point 40-44

*For more details on Civil Service Pay Scales, please visit website of the Civil Service Bureau.

Related Education & Training

Work Environment

  • Physiotherapists generally work full-time schedules within regular business hours.


  • Back or lumbar or sacral orthopedic softgoods - Sacro-illiac joint lumbar corsets
  • Balance beams or boards or bolsters or rockers for rehabilitation or therapy
  • Cardiac output CO monitoring units or accessories - Heart rate monitors; Portable cardiac monitors
  • Muscle strength dynamometers
  • Electric vibrators for rehabilitation or therapy - Massagers
  • Exercise trampolines - Rebounders
  • Gait belts for rehabilitation or therapy
  • Galvanic or faradic stimulators - High-voltage Galvanic stimulation machines; Low volt muscle stimulators
  • Knee brace or support
  • Parallel bars for rehabilitation or therapy
  • Pivotal traction therapy supplies - Cervical pivots; Lumbar pivots; Occipivots; Thoracic pivots
  • Therapeutic balls or accessories - Exercise balls; Swiss exercise balls
  • Therapeutic cryo compression therapy system and accessories - Cryotherapy equipment
  • Therapeutic heating or cooling pads or compresses or packs - Ice packs; Moist hot packs
  • Training stairs for rehabilitation or therapy
  • Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation TENS equipment
  • Treadmill exercisers for rehabilitation or therapy - Aquacisers; Therapeutic treadmill exercisers
  • Ultrasonic therapy apparatus or supplies - Phonophoresis equipment; Ultrasound machines
  • Upper body resistance machines - Isokinetic upper body testing/ rehabilitation equipment
  • Upper extremity prosthetic devices - Arm prosthetics

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