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Shipping Officers

Descriptions & Duties

  • Shipping Officers monitor all shipments in transit to ensure timely arrival of goods and documents. They liaise and communicate with freight forwarder and local delivery agents for arranging order, shipment & customs matters. They verify and negotiate the best transportation cost with carrier.

Generic Competencies

Physical Abilities

Physical abilities

  • Physical strength
  • Eye hand coordination / precision / dexterity


Importance:1 (Max:5) 

Skill is rarely required


Technology Skills

Technology skills

  • Computer literacy
  • Application of technology


Importance:3 (Max:5) 

Skill is basically required


Cognitive Abilities

Cognitive abilities

  • Creativity
  • Visualisation
  • Logical thinking


Importance:4 (Max:5) 

Skill is frequently required


Comprehension And Expression

Comprehension and expression skills

  • Reading comprehension
  • Oral / written expression


Importance:5 (Max:5) 

Skill is required all the time


Social Skills

Social skills

  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Persuasion


Importance:4 (Max:5) 

Skill is frequently required


Organisation And Execution Skills

Organisation and execution skills

  • Planning
  • Organising
  • Judgement
  • Decision making


Importance:5 (Max:5) 

Skill is required all the time


Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving skills

  • Ability to solve simple and complex problems effectively and efficiently


Importance:5 (Max:5) 

Skill is required all the time


Management Skills

Management skills

  • Leadership
  • Management of finance / time / people / other resources


Importance:5 (Max:5) 

Skill is required all the time


Trade Specific Competencies

Shipping Knowledge and Skills

Shipping officers must be able to understand the I/E procedure & regulation, L/C & banking document handling and Tradelink declaration.

Problem-solving skills

Shipping Officers must be able to provide creative solutions not address any complex problems arise in shipping logistics.

Leadership skills

Shipping Officers should be competently supervise and lead the shipping staff, making decisions with minimal oversight from management.

General Requirements

Academic qualification

  • A higher diploma or a degree in logistics or related disciplines


  • 2 to 3 years of relevant experience in transport and logistics

Career Path & Salary

Private Sector

Monthly Salary $15,000-$20,000

Monthly Salary $20,000-$30,000

Monthly Salary $30,000-$50,000

Monthly Salary $50,000-$80,000

Related Education & Training

Work Environment

  • Shipping Officers usually work in offices during regular business hours.

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