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Manufacturing Engineers

Descriptions & Duties

  • Manufacturing Engineers plan and direct programmes of production including production processes, production planning and control, plant layout and maintenance, assembly tooling design and fabrication, work measurement and utilisation of resources to ensure optimum production efficiency and maintenance of specified quality standards. Their duties include monitoring all aspects of manufacturing procedures for production process, operations and workflow; estimating production cost and creating efficient ways of production process to ensure the production stays on schedule and within budget; hiring, training, and evaluating staff to ensure their performance are up to operational and safety requirements; completing production reports, preparing purchase orders, material and equipment lists; establishing standards and policies for installation, quality control, testing, inspection and maintenance according to engineering principles and safety regulations.

Generic Competencies

Physical Abilities

Physical abilities

  • Physical strength
  • Eye hand coordination / precision / dexterity


Importance:2 (Max:5) 

Skill is occasionally required


Technology Skills

Technology skills

  • Computer literacy
  • Application of technology


Importance:5 (Max:5) 

Skill is required all the time


Cognitive Abilities

Cognitive abilities

  • Creativity
  • Visualisation
  • Logical thinking


Importance:4 (Max:5) 

Skill is frequently required


Comprehension And Expression

Comprehension and expression skills

  • Reading comprehension
  • Oral / written expression


Importance:3 (Max:5) 

Skill is basically required


Social Skills

Social skills

  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Persuasion


Importance:3 (Max:5) 

Skill is basically required


Organisation And Execution Skills

Organisation and execution skills

  • Planning
  • Organising
  • Judgement
  • Decision making


Importance:5 (Max:5) 

Skill is required all the time


Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving skills

  • Ability to solve simple and complex problems effectively and efficiently


Importance:5 (Max:5) 

Skill is required all the time


Management Skills

Management skills

  • Leadership
  • Management of finance / time / people / other resources


Importance:4 (Max:5) 

Skill is frequently required


Trade Specific Competencies

Technical and managerial skills

Manufacturing Engineers must be able to apply specialist knowledge of machinery, processing or engineering operations, as well as perform a high level of organisational, planning and time management skills.

General Requirements

Academic qualification

  • Normally have a bachelor's degree in business administration or industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, industrial engineering technology, or general engineering.  Holders of relevant higher diplomas can articulate to related degree programmes.

Professional qualification

  • generally are corporate members of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) in Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering Discipline, or equivalent


  • usually 4 to 6 years of relevant work experience is required

Career Path & Salary

Private Sector

Monthly Salary $20,000-$40,000

Monthly Salary $20,000-$50,000

Monthly Salary $30,000-$70,000

Monthly Salary $50,000-$110,000

Related Education & Training

Work Environment

  • Manufacturing Engineers work either in offices or in plant buildings. They may need to travel to observe processes and make assessments in various work settings. They sometimes work overtime to monitor the project's progress, or to ensure deadlines are met.


  • Electro pneumatic transducers - Pressure transducers
  • Frequency analysers
  • Hardness testers
  • Metallurgical microscopes - Inverted metallurgical microscopes
  • Operational amplifiers - Audio amplifiers
  • Oxygen monitors or supplies - Oxygen uptake measurement devices
  • Physiological recorders - Electrogoniometers
  • Potentiometers
  • Sound measuring apparatus or decibel meter - Noise dosimeters; Octave band analysers; Sound level calibrators; Sound level meters
  • Thickness measuring devices - Anthropometers
  • Vibration testers - Vibration tables

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