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I want to be an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

I want to be a Deck Cadet

Deck Cadet

I want to be a Game Designer

Game Designer

I want to be a Laboratory Technician

Laboratory Technician

I want to be a Landscape Architect

Landscape Architect

I want to be a Pastry Chef

Pastry Chef

I want to be a Pet Groomer

Pet Groomer

I want to be a Quantitative Analyst

Quantitative Analyst

I want to be a Stage Designer

Stage Designer

I want to be a Visual Merchandising Manager

Visual Merchandising Manager

Emerging Occupations / Top Ten Skills for the Future Workforce

Top Ten Skills for 2025

  • Analytical thinking and innovation

    Analytical thinking and innovation

  • Active learning and learning strategies

    Active learning and learning strategies

  • Complex problem-solving

    Complex problem-solving

  • Critical thinking and analysis

    Critical thinking and analysis

  • Creativity, originality and initiative

    Creativity, originality and initiative

  • Leadership and social influence

    Leadership and social influence

  • Technology use, monitoring and control

    Technology use, monitoring and control

  • Technology design and programming

    Technology design and programming

  • Resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility

    Resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility

  • Reasoning, problem-solving and ideation

    Reasoning, problem-solving and ideation

Source: World Economic Forum

Lift/Escalator Engineers

Lift/Escalator Mechanic

Major Responsibilities

Installs, adjusts, services, maintains and repairs various types of lifts/escalators.

Lift/Escalator Technician

Major Responsibilities

Performs technical tasks, either independently or under the direction of a qualified engineer, contributory to design, development, manufacture, installation, operation, maintenance and repair of both mechanical and electrical equipment for various types of lifts and escalators.

Lift/Escalator Engineer

Major Responsibilities

Researches into electrical and mechanical engineering problems related to lift and escalator systems; designs and advises on mechanical and electrical equipment for lift and escalator systems; plans and supervises their development, manufacture, construction, installation, operation, maintenance and repair.

Engineering Manager

Major Responsibilities

Directs and assumes accountabilities for all aspects of electrical and mechanical (E & M) engineering projects or services.  The job holder is not normally directly involved in day-to-day work of the engineering projects or services but sometimes offers professional engineering advices and decisions.  He/she should have professional qualification and experience in E & M engineering.

Motor Vehicle Examiners

Vehicle Mechanic Apprentice

Major Responsibilities

Assists Vehicle Mechanic(s) in motor vehicle service and repair.

Vehicle Mechanic

Major Responsibilities

Services and repairs all types of vehicles.

Motor Vehicle Examiner

Major Responsibilities

Inspects and tests motor vehicles for their conditions and road-worthiness compliance, including inspection before and after repairs, as well as testing in compliance with legal requirements.

Service Manager

Major Responsibilities

Manages all commercial and technical activities of an organisation engaged in motor vehicle repairs and servicing, including safety and health matters.

E-commerce Managers

E-commerce Assistant


E-commerce Supervisor



E-commerce Manager



E-commerce Director



Events / Banquet / MICE Co-ordinators

Events / Banquet / Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) Co-ordinator

Major Responsibilities

Generates food and beverage revenue plus venue and facilities rental income for the relevant departments and outlets through creative marketing/selling and successful events co-ordination from start to finish.

Events / Banquet / MICE/ Assistant Manager

Major Responsibilities

Supervises all relevant functions and personnel; assists supervisors in planning and arranging necessary details in carrying out functions and other special events, negotiating terms for sales of relevant services and facilities and evaluating plans for sales programmes.

Events / Banquet / MICE Manager

Major Responsibilities

Plans, organises, directs and controls all relevant operations, marketing and sales functions; assists in conducting market and sales analysis to determine market requirements and co-ordinating catering and events marketing and sales promotion.

Director of Events / Banquet / MICE/ Food and Beverage

Major Responsibilities

Strategically plans, organises, directs and controls relevant marketing and sales initiatives plus operation of events / banquets / MICE/food and beverage facilities of the hotel or catering establishment to ensure overall effectiveness.

Aircraft Pilots

Cadet Pilot



GDS (Officer) Pay Scale Point 1b-2

Pilot II/ Pilot I


GDS (Officer) Pay Scale Point 14-36

Senior Pilot


GDS (Officer) Pay Scale Point 37-39

Chief Pilot


GDS (Commander) Pay Scale Point 1

Data Scientists

Assistant Data Scientist



Data Scientist



Senior Data Scientist



Principal Data Scientist



Building Services Managers

Building Services Mechanic



Building Services Technician



Building Services Engineer


$18,000-over $60,000

Building Services Manager (Engineering Manager)


$25,000-over $60,000

Graphic & Media Designers

Assistant Graphic & Media Designer

Trade Specific Competencies

Proficient in major graphic design applications; knowledge of videography and photography techniques

Graphic & Media Designer

Trade Specific Competencies

Strong artistic ability and creative mind

Senior Graphic & Media Designer

Trade Specific Competencies

Extensive knowledge and experience in branding, packaging design or web design

Art Director

Trade Specific Competencies

Creativity, aesthetic judgement, excellent communication skills


Student Dispenser


(Training Pay Scale Point 5-6)



(Pay Scale Point 8-21)

Senior Dispenser


(Pay Scale Point 22-28)

Chief Dispenser


(Pay Scale Point 29-33)

Laboratory Technicians

Laboratory Assistant

Major Responsibilities

Conducts simple testing; cleans and assists in maintaining testing equipment and tools.

Laboratory Technician

Major Responsibilities

Conducts laboratory tests; maintains testing equipment and tools in good condition.

Senior Laboratory Technician

Major Responsibilities

Conducts sophisticated laboratory testing; oversees housekeeping routines and prepares testing reports.

Laboratory Manager

Major Responsibilities

Takes charge of the laboratory testing and operation; develops new testing procedures; re-checks the testing reports.

Social Workers

Assistant Social Work Officer


(Pay Scale Point 16-33)

Social Work Officer


(Pay Scale Point 34-39)

Senior Social Work Officer


(Pay Scale Point 40-44)

Chief Social Work Officer


(Pay Scale Point 45-49)

Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapy Assistant


(Pay Scale Point 7-15)

Occupational Therapist II


(Pay Scale Point 14-24)

Occupational Therapist I


(Pay Scale Point 25-33A)

Senior Occupational Therapist


(Pay Scale Point 34-39)